What to Wear When Hiking Outdoors Looking for New Fauna

Any true gardener knows that it doesn’t matter how the weather is, if there is gardening to be done, there is gardening to be done! Of course, this doesn’t mean that the best of us don’t enjoy more gardening in the summer weather.

Summer is also one of the most common times for gardeners to leave their yards and participate in a number of hikes where they search for seeds of new fauna to plant in their gardens.

While this is a great social activity, it’s important to remember the effects of the sun and to prepare yourself for them. With this in mind, below is a great summer safety checklist to help protect you from the elements as you hike and garden..


A hat is the best way to protect yourself from the heat. When looking for a hat, the best rule to remember is that the bigger the brim, the better. In fact, if you can get a hat with a large brim that covers your entire face and the back of your neck, then you have found the perfect hat! While kids spend their time wearing fashionable caps, hiking and gardening is not the place for fashion and is instead the place for practicality.

Long Sleeved Clothes

Sun damage can happen to your skin very quickly if you aren’t careful and become complacent. While it can be tempting to wear a short sleeve thrust into your garden or on your hike, look for long-sleeved alternatives that offer technology to help your skin breathe underneath the extended layer.

Long Pants

The same tip applies for your pants. Instead of exposing your legs to the sun’s harmful rays, looking for running pants that are designed to keep your legs cool and dry as you sweat. The importance of keeping your skin dry comes from the concern that sweat on your skin that is exposed to a cool breeze can cause your skin to get a chill, leading to potential cold and flu symptoms.


You could be surprised by the number of people who attempt to garden or hike in flip flops or sandals. Instead of causing yourself damage to your feet, either from posture or sunburn, head to the Groupon Coupons store for Famous Footwear and pick yourself up a pair of appropriate hiking and gardening shoes.


If you simply must expose your skin to the sun’s rays then it’s important that you apply a good amount of high-quality and high rating sunscreen. If any of your adventures takes you into the water it is important to remember that you need to apply your lotion once you get out of the water.

Summer truly is the perfect time to get your gardening chores completed and to meet up with other like-minded gardeners to find new seeds to plant and just enjoy the outdoors. However, it’s important to remember that the sun isn’t always about nice weather, it can cause you harm, so use your common sense and always stay protected!