Work at Home Tips How to Organize Your Tasks

So you have set up your work at home business, you have the product or service and now you just need to get started and make all that lovely cash. Why you just have to organize all the little tasks ahead into a manageable list. One of the most helpful work at home tips I have yet been given is this little one I’ll share now.

Note down your to-do lists. Yes, I said lists, because you should have a few. There are daily jobs like handling calls and emails, checking up on sales, there are weekly or monthly jobs like dealing with the paperwork and accounts (yuck!), you need to review and plan for the weeks and months ahead not to mention all the other regular things that pop up. Very important things like actual business and calls or emails from your potential customers. Lets make sense of those lists with this little tip.

Put all those little tasks into a matrix. This is not difficult, just take a sheet of paper and divide it in four by drawing lines through the centre of the page from side to side and again from top to bottom. Place the important and urgent tasks into the top left corner, the urgent but less important ones into the top right. The bottom left corner will hold the important but not so urgent tasks and finally the bottom right corner can have all the remaining tasks, that will be the not important and not urgent ones.

The importance of a task to your business venture is the foremost factor and urgency is the second. Rewrite this simple matrix every day and change it to ensure all the tasks are divided up appropriately into their sectors. Delete the completed tasks and shuffle the others to the correct sector. Don’t worry if this is a bit confusing right now, just take the sheet of paper, do it and all will become clear and obvious.

Now work through the day by concentrating on the top left sector first then the other urgent tasks but only after considering the other important ones still to be completed. Remember importance takes priority and you will be pleasantly surprised how many apparently urgent jobs start to take up so much less of your time and attention.

Approaching the prioritizing of tasks like this has been one of the most useful work at home tips I’ve come across, just try it yourself and see how it can really help you get highly organized and running smoothly.